Giants Over Dodgers – It Had to End at Some Point

Giants beat Dodgers

There’s a problem with Baseball and the length of certain games, and the San Francisco Giants beating the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-2 after 12 innings and most importantly six minutes shy of five hours is a perfect example of a sport that has games run a bit too long.

The Giants won with a walk-off single from Hector Sanchez that helped Brandon Crawford reach home. It was another bullpen disaster for the Dodgers, as Kenley Jansen blew his second save of the season earlier in the game, followed by Jamey Wright giving up three hits in two innings and the finish from Brandon Teague, getting two batters out but finding it complicated to finish his stint, which gave Sanchez the chance to win the game with only his third RBI of the season.

The game started well for the Dodgers as Juan Uribe hit his second home run of the season in the second inning. It came off Tim Lincecum with two met out and no one on bases. Crawford got himself an RBI in the sixth inning with a sacrifice fly that scored Hunter Pence. The Dodgers got ahead once more through Justin Turner single, coming on for Dee Gordon. The Giants got a clutch RBI single from Brandon Belt in the ninth, setting the stage for Ramirez to leave the game as the big hero.

Angel Pagan

Josh Beckett didn’t pick up the win but had a very good start for the Dodgers, allowing only two hits in five innings while striking out four and walking five. Tim Lincecum started for the Giants and had a solid game as well. No decision, but only five hits allowed, one run allowed and struck out five during his five innings in the game. The difference in the end came down to the bullpens, and the Dodgers, with the highest paid unit in the league, messed up and not for the first time this season.

Both teams were terrible with runners in scoring positions after each getting 12 hits in the game. The Dodgers finished with 2-for-13 and so did the Giants. Especially memorable was Lincecum getting out of a tough spot in the fourth, with the bases loaded and only one player out. Lincecum struck out two players in a row to get out of that jam elegantly. Beckett had a similar moment in the fifth with two outs, but got Buster Posey with a fly ball to center field.

Both Hunter Pence and Brandon Belt finished with three hits in the game for the Giants, and Belt also got to walk once. Uribe was the hot hand for the Giants, improving to .379 this season at the plate with 3-for-5. Ryan Vogelsong (0-0, 8.00 ERA) pitches for the Giants in the second game of the series.. He is 4-3 with a 4.15 ERA in 20 games against the Dodgers. LHP Paul Maholm (0-1, 8.10) takes the mound for Los Angeles. He is win less in six career games at AT&T Park.

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