Jack Wilshere Takes A Very Long Time to Empty His Bladder

Apparently, taking a leak with the cameras rolling doesn't seem to bother Jack Wilshere
Apparently, taking a leak with the cameras rolling doesn’t seem to bother Jack Wilshere

It’s been quite a busy couple of weeks for Jack Wilshere – smoking, opinions on immigration and what it means to really be English and play for the national team. He’s not done, mind you, deciding to urinate with the cameras rolling.

As England prepare for their final match in the qualifying group against Poland – a match they must win in order to avoid the playoffs, Wilshere probably had a bit too much water (we hope not something else) to drink and felt the need to empty his bladder with everyone, including cameras, watching.

The interesting fact about his short whizz? Wilshere needed about 35 seconds to settle his business, which as the Daily Mail counter shows, is longer than the time it takes someone who just had 3 pints of lager to get out of his system.

Wilshere just can’t seem to find himself in the headlines for the right reasons recently, criticized for being filmed smoking and later for his comments on only ‘true’ English players deserving to be included in the national team.