Javier Hernandez Deserves to Be Starting Somewhere

I’m pretty sure Manchester United are aware of the statistics showing Chicharito is the most efficient striker in the Premier League when it comes to goals per minutes, and yet after three seasons with the team, he has yet to find himself as a consistent part of their lineup, something that isn’t going to change soon.

Two championships since arriving in the Premier League from Chivas, Javier Hernandez seems to be at a crossroads. A new manager doesn’t necessarily mean more playing time. Ferguson appreciated his scoring ability, but some shortcomings in his all-around game and simply the fact that he has too many talented players at the position leaves the Mexican player out of the lineup again and again.

Chicharito 2013

Chicharito has scored 50 goals in 117 matches for the team, while considering most of these have come with him coming off the bench. Hernandez has been linked to other clubs, mainly Juventus, for quite a long time for most of the past season, but it seems United know what a high quality player they have, and aren’t planning of letting him go, despite his desire to see more first-team football, and not promises for that in the future.

At Juventus, who have a serious striker problem, that first team place isn’t assured. Juventus have been rotating their players up front, with only one target man position to be filled and another one for a second striker. This season it’s been mostly between Alessandro Matri and Fabio Quagliarella, while Mirko Vucinic and Giovinco get the bulk of the minutes, although both of them are not natural goalscorers.

Fernando Llorente is arriving from Athletic Bilbao after a weird season in which he came mostly off the bench, his punishment for not renewing his contract with the team. Juventus are probably still looking for another striker, but with their system mostly based on midfield strength and not a two striker system, especially not two whose main attributes don’t include too much that isn’t scoring.

Javier Hernandez 2013

While playing for United under Ferguson has often been a better option than starting somewhere else, that might change pretty soon under a manager that has never won a single title in his life, and has less of an idea on how to handle so many egos and huge salaries in the dressing room. Hernandez’ best days are ahead of him in terms of his football, but not in terms of his current club.

The issue is United not really wanting to part ways with him at the moment. He was purchased for only £6.6 million. His contract runs out only in 2016, so it’s unlikely he’ll be sold for anything double than that. It leaves the market for him a bit more limited, possibly leaving him out of an immediate opportunity to play for a club in a big league that promises him a spot in the lineup, despite being the kind of striker who fully deserves to be a starter.