Kaka Doesn’t Think About Leaving Real Madrid


Despite not playing as much as he’d like and as well as he’d like over the last few years, the managerial change might breathe new life into Kaka, who doesn’t think he’ll be leaving Real Madrid anytime soon.

Under Jose Mourinho, Kaka’s career continued to be dragged down into the abyss of being forgotten. He did play a total of 60 league matches for Real Madrid over the last three seasons, but one third of them was coming off the bench, and it was very rare to see him completing 90 minutes for the team.

Injuries and playing out of position didn’t help as well, but the bottom line was that despite being one of the greatest footballers in the world from 2003 to 2009, Mourinho wasn’t about to trust enough and let the team’s fortunes, especially in big matches, be dependent on a player he didn’t really want with the club.

But despite all of that, and of recent rumors involving AC Milan (As always) or a return to Brazil (Sao Paulo & Corinthians), Kaka feels that the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti can only do good for him and his career. He doesn’t see himself as an old player who needs to start wandering the world in search for money and a team that’s going to give him some playing time.

Kaka has a contract that runs until 2015, making €9 million a season. No one is going to pay him that kind of money, and no club of Real Madrid’s stature (not that there are that many clubs like Real Madrid) will take him on, regardless of the role. When you do all of that match, the logical thing seems to be staying on the team.

My intention is to continue at Real Madrid. I still have a contract with Real Madrid. There is a new coach and once we’re back at training we will meet and exchange ideas.

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