Lionel Messi Declares Endless Loyalty to Barcelona

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Never say never, ever. Lionel Messi declared that he’ll never consider a move to Real Madrid and will only leave Barcelona when he makes an Argentina return. Or did he mean the Argentinian national team?

While speaking on the eve of the beginnig of the 2011 Copa America to a Colombian newspaper, Messi dicussed his plan to play out his best years with Barcelona before returning to his homeland for his final years and retirment from soccer. IF, he leaves Barca.

Messi also stated that he doesn’t see any scenario in which he will leave to Real Madrid or anywhere else for that matter  – Today I’m happy at Barcelona. Things are great and I want to play there until I eventually go to Argentina. Should Newell’s fans be preparing for a return sometime around 2019?

Players have pledged loyalties for ever and ever since… well, it’s been going on forever. “Traitors, despite confessing their undying love for their club, aren’t that rare of a find. You won’t find too many Matthew Le Tissier’s, playing 16 seasons with one club and a pretty small one for that, despite the lucrative offers that are always around. Messi has the privilege of playing on one of the best teams to ever be formed, but things change quickly. When the title run ends, who knows where the ship will turn? Proclamations such as these might be great for fans, but don’t have much of a foundation when the situation gets tougher.

I’m not saying Lionel Messi doesn’t mean what he said, but he’s in a position of power – European champions, Spanish champions, one of the highest paid players in the world. If it all stays this way, than why not. But even a club such as River Plate, 33 time champions of Argentina went down. I don’t see this happening to Barcelona, but financial situations are fragile, and who knows where this team will be in five years.