Liverpool FC – The Jesus Effect

Liverpool Jesus

I’m not sure if god is a Liverpool supporter. But it turns out there’s someone dressing up as Jesus showing up at Anfield over the last couple of months, and the team has been undefeated in the Premier League since he made his appearance.

Not the change of tactics from Brendan Rodgers, switching to a three centre back line, and not Emre Can improving. Not Jordon Ibe getting playing time, Raheem Sterling improving or Philippe Coutinho’s magic with his feet. No. Someone dressing up as Jesus is to thank Liverpool are back in the chase for a Champions League spot.

Just how good have they been? Seven wins, three draws since December 21. Maybe it has something to do with Liverpool playing lesser competition since losing 3-0 to Manchester United on December 14, but the Premier League is a tough place to be in regardless of who you’re playing. Just ask Chelsea, but that will mean hearing some whiny rant from Jose Mourinho, so proceed with caution.

We’ll now if this Jesus impersonator is truly magical when Liverpool face Manchester City this weekend at Anfield. Last season that was the match that took them one step closer to the championship before the famous slip of Steven Gerrard on the very same grass.

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