Match Highlights – Arsenal vs Tottenham

Santi Cazorla

The superiority of Arsenal over their biggest rivals, Tottenham, continues, beating Spurs 2-0 with a solid performance, enjoying an opening goal from Santi Cazorla and a second half clincher from Tomas Rosicky.

Tottenham had a few moments of superiority in the final 10 minutes, mostly due to Theo Walcott, completely taken apart by an overly aggressive Tottenham side, being taken off the pitch and leaving Arsenal with 10 men after already making all their substitutions.

It was poor defending on both cases as Arsenal scored their goals. First it was Santi Cazorla finding himself way too open to score a nice left footed shot, while Tomas Rosicky, scoring his first goal since April, enjoying an awful mistake from Danny Rose to give Arsenal the win.

Even after the second goal, Arsenal kept the pressure coming, enjoying an extra man in the midfield against the slightly arrogant and naive 4-4-2 from Spurs, as Tim Sherwood forgot that he isn’t playing against Manchester United and their awful midfield every week.

Kyle Walker showed for once again that despite his athletic abilities, his positioning can be terrible and costly at times, leaving Cazorla completely open for the first goal. Danny Rose simply made a foolish mistake you don’t expect to see even from the most green of players. Rosicky almost lost that opportunity after an incredible effort from Kyle Walker to make up for lost ground, but it was a calm finish from the Czech player.

Arsenal, leading the Premier League, went through the Christmas period with some gritty wins that were considered untypical for the Gunners. The win over Tottenham wasn’t exactly a masterpiece, but it was probably their finest performance since the away win against Cardiff.

Theo Walcott didn’t seem too injured as he was taken off the pitch. He managed to make some angry Spurs fans by ridiculing them. He was the most dangerous man on the pitch, but was probably a bit too greedy in certain opportunities, possibly overwhelmed by getting the central forward position, trying to do a bit too much.

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