Match Highlights – Barcelona vs Celta

Barcelona beat Celta

The good: Barcelona beat Celta Vigo 3-0 and move up to the top spot of the La Liga table, at least for a short while. Lionel Messi scored, and so did Neymar twice. The bad news: Victor Valdes has probably torn a knee ligament, which means he’s out for the season, and his career with the only club he’s ever played for might be over.

Because remember, Valdes announced that it’s over for him and Barcelona, and he’s looking for a new club next season. It seems that he has torn his ACL, which means that he’ll be out for about six months. Something like that might prevent him from signing with a new club, but it’s too soon for these kind of speculations.

There was also football, as Barcelona had the usual dominant performance at home against an inferior club, with Celta slightly worried about relegation but distant enough to not put in the performance of a lifetime.

Barcelona opened the scoring after a brilliant through ball from Lionel Messi after only six minutes beat the offside trap, finding a wide open Alexis in the box. He ran away from the defense and found a wide open Neymar in front of goal, as the Brazilian converted easily.

Lionel Messi himself scored 25 minutes later while Celta looked like a team simply waiting for the final whistle, hoping not to concede too many goals along the way. Andres Iniesta was the set up man this time, while Messi freed himself up with a nice little dummy, leaving two defenders behind and had himself an easy finish in a one on one with Yoel Rodríguez Oterino.

Barcelona took it down a notch in the second half and had themselves another scary moment when Pinto, the substitute goalkeeper, collided with the goalpost, but he managed to overcome the hit and carry on. Neymar scored his second goal with some nice trickery after another assist from Alexis left him in front of goal.

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