Match Highlights – Swansea vs Liverpool

Liverpool beat Swansea

One goal by Jordan Henderson was enough for Liverpool to beat Swansea in Wales 1-0, setting up a grand showdown with Manchester United at Anfield in the battle for the fourth place and a spot in the Champions League.

Liverpool are now undefeated in 12 consecutive league matches and are still undefeated in 2015. They played badly in the first half, struggling to get the ball to Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge, but introducing Steven Gerrard in the second half gave them the balance and later advantage in the middle of the pitch that they needed to regain control of the match.

With the victory, Liverpool are now two points behind Manchester United (4th place) heading into the second match between the bitter rivals next week. Henderson was slightly lucky to find the net in the 68th minute due to the bad tackle from Amat, allowing Henderson to get a touch that shot the ball over Fabianksi.

Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge kept missing from up close and Liverpool do have things to worry about with the big match coming up because of the fifth yellow card Sterling picked up, meaning he won’t be able to play against Manchester United.

Despite not playing well for the first 55 minutes, Liverpool have another match to feel quite pleased about as Rodgers is showing a growing tactical understanding of what works and what doesn’t for his team, with the ability to change in the middle of the match when things seem to be slightly jammed.

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