MLB Rumors – New York Mets Ready for the Jose Reyes Debut

Jose Reyes

The return of Jose Reyes to the uniform of the New York Mets is imminent, after a run in the minors, as the team attempts to fix their infield issues without actually spending a lot of money on it. Reyes will be on the roster for the Mets game against the Miami Marlins on Tuesday, July 5.

Reyes was suspended for the first two months of the season, losing $6.25 million in the process, for violating its domestic abuse policy, despite a judge in Hawaii formally dropping a domestic abuse charge in April, after Reyes’ wife declined to cooperate with prosecutors. The Rockies released Reyes after he didn’t play a single game for them in 2016 (had 47 appearances in 2015 after the trade from Toronto). The Mets, dealing with the David Wright injury at third base and shuffling around they’ve done since, brought him back.

While Reyes, who played for the Mets from 2003 through 2011, was received warmly, there were those voicing negative opinions about signing him due to his off the field issues. But the Mets need players, and they’ll only have to pay Reyes $250,000, as part of the prorated veteran’s minimum. Reyes had a $22 million figure attached to his salary this season, $22 million in 2017 and $4 million in 2018 before the Rockies cut their ties with him. The Mets have a team option for next season – Reyes wanted to be back that badly (he has a offseason home in Manhasset on Long Island). The Rockies will pay him about $38 million.

David Wright had this to say about Reyes coming back: I feel like what he did was awful, terrible. There’s just no other way around it. With that being said, in my eyes, he’s done what he could do to earn a second chance. If he’s going to be given a second chance, I think this is a good place for it. I think he’s comfortable here. This is home for him. I can’t say it enough: What he did is something that is horrible and should never be done. So I hope that he’s learned his lesson. In everything he said, it seems like he’s acknowledged the great mistake that it was and that he’s not going to let it happen again, and I hope that’s correct. He’s going to bring us a ton of energy. I think that’s something we can really use is his dynamic on the field — his speed, his charisma, his ability.

Reyes will play in third base, dropping Wilmer Flores in the process, and will also change the lineup order, getting the leadoff role, like in the past. Curtis Granderson will move down to second in the order. Reyes hit .176 (6-for-34) while tuning up with short-season Brooklyn and Double-A Binghamton. He batted .274 with 7 home runs and 53 RBIs in 2015. He made the All-Star game four time with the Mets in the past, batting .292 in those nine seasons, with a .782 OPS.

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