MLB Standings & Scores

The division leaders around the league had a nice opening to June, including the New York Yankees destroying the Toronto Blue Jays, the Arizona Diamondbacks shining in front of empty seats in Miami and the Minnesota Twins showing impressive defense and offense against the slumping Angels.

Oakland Athletics 0  Cleveland Indians 8: The Indians remain a tad behind the Twins in the AL Central after an impressive performance by Corey Kluber, striking out 10 and allowing just 2 hits in 6 innings. Michael Brantley with a couple of RBIs was the best player offensively.

Milwaukee Brewers 2  New York Mets 1: The Brewers win their 2nd in a row to keep their lead over the Cards in the NL Central, getting a gem out of Chase Anderson with 3 hits in 7 innings and 7 strikers. Hernan Perez had 3 hits in 4 at-bats, including a 3rd inning double that opened the scoring.

Los Angeles Dodgers 0  St. Louis Cardinals 2: Adam Wainwright hit a home run and looked terrific in his 6-inning start, allowing only 4 hits. The Cards win their second in a row, and are now 1.5 games behind the Brewers.

Colorado Rockies 6  Seattle Mariners 3: The Rockies remain tied with the Diamondbacks on top of the NL West, with home runs from Mark Reynolds (14th this season) and Nolan Arenado (13th this season) doing most of the damage.

Boston Red Sox 5  Baltimore Orioles 7: Wade Miley’s excellent 7-innings almost didn’t cut it after some poor relief pitching, but 4 home run bombs from the Orioles, including number 12 this season for Chris Davis, were enough to give the Orioles a 2nd consecutive win and put some pressure on 2nd place Boston.

Aaron Judge

New York Yankees 12  Toronto Blue Jays 2: The Yankees now open a 3-game lead on top of the AL East. C.C. Sabathia has now pitched 4 straight wins, striking out 7 in 6.1 innings not allowing any runs. Gary Sanchez finished with 2 homers and 3 RBIs.

Arizona Diamondbacks 3  Miami Marlins 2: Most of the attention in this game was pointed at the empty stands in Marlins Park. Season ticket holders didn’t show up, and there were probably less than 2000 in attendance. Zack Greinke allowed 4 hits and 2 runs in 7 innings, striking out 8, getting run support from Paul Goldschmidt with 40 RBIs this season.

Minnesota Twins 4  Los Angeles Angels 2: Besides the Twins pulling off the team’s first triple play since 2006, there was also Miguel Sano hitting his 13th home run of the season and a 9th inning comeback, as a Jason Castro single gave them the lead and Joe Mauer walking with the bases loaded made sure they had a big enough cushion for the bottom of the 9th.

American League Standings

American League EastWLPct.GBHomeRoad
New York Yankees31200.60817–814–12
Boston Red Sox29240.547317–1012–14
Baltimore Orioles28240.53818–810–16
Tampa Bay Rays29270.51816–1313–14
Toronto Blue Jays26280.48115–1311–15
Minnesota Twins27230.54012–1815–5
Cleveland Indians28240.53812–1416–10
Detroit Tigers25280.47212–1013–18
Chicago White Sox24280.462412–1112–17
Kansas City Royals22300.423613–139–17
Houston Astros38160.70420–1018–6
Los Angeles Angels28290.49111½17–1011–19
Texas Rangers26280.4811217–109–18
Seattle Mariners25300.45513½14–1011–20
Oakland Athletics23300.43414½15–108–20

National League Standings

National League EastWLPct.GBHomeRoad
Washington Nationals33190.63516–917–10
New York Mets23290.4421013–1710–12
Atlanta Braves22290.43110½10–1212–17
Miami Marlins21310.4041211–1610–15
Philadelphia Phillies17340.33315½10–137–21
Milwaukee Brewers29250.53714–1515–10
St. Louis Cardinals26250.51014–1512–10
Chicago Cubs25270.481314–1111–16
Cincinnati Reds24280.462414–1310–15
Pittsburgh Pirates24300.444514–1310–17
Arizona Diamondbacks34220.60721–813–14
Colorado Rockies34220.60715–1319–9
Los Angeles Dodgers33220.600½21–812–14
San Diego Padres22330.40011½12–1410–19
San Francisco Giants22330.40011½13–149–19
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