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Diamondbacks beat Dodgers Greinke

The New York Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox to end the summer to keep their lead position in a tight wild card race, with the Minnesota Twins right behind them after beating the Chicago White Sox. In the National League, the surging Arizona Diamondbacks became the first team to sweep the Los Angeles Dodgers this season, while the Chicago Cubs maintain a cushy lead in the NL Central.

Atlanta Braves 2  Chicago Cubs 6: The Cubs maintain their comfortable lead in the NL Central, winning their 4th in a row. Kyle Hendricks looked solid on the mound for 6.2 innings, while offense was taken care of by Kris Bryant, hitting his 25th home run of the season and picking up a couple of RBIs.

Boston Red Sox 2  New York Yankees 6: CC Sabathia pitched well for 6 innings, another fine performance from the veteran pitcher against Boston. Gary Sanchez had a big day, with a 2-out home run (28th of the season), followed by an RBI single to put the Yankees in front for good.

Chicago White Sox 4  Minnesota Twins 5: The Twins win their 4th game in a row thanks to Max Kepler getting hit by a pitch (Juan Minaya making the mistake) while the bases were loaded, resulting in the walk-off win.

Los Angeles Dodgers 1  Arizona Diamondbacks 8: The Dodgers lose their 5th in a row, the Diamondbacks their 7th in a row. It was the first time the Dodgers got swept in a series. Zack Greinke was sharp against his former team, striking out 6 in 6 innings.

New York Mets 2  Cincinnati Reds 7: The Reds take the series against the Mets, which matters to little outside the two teams. Scooter Gennett hit his 23rd home run of the season, finishing with 3 RBIs.

Philadelphia Phillies 3  Miami Marlins 2: Ben Lively and the Phillies pitching squad kept Giancarlo Stanton in check, with the slugger going 0-for-5. Lively also drove a couple of runs in with a 4th inning single, putting the Phillies in front.

Texas Rangers 1  Houston Astros 5: Jose Altuve hit a 1st inning home run and the Astros broke off from their state rivals in the 8th inning, with Alex Bregman and Derek Fisher doing the damage. Just over 3000 people in St. Petersburg watched.

Toronto Blue Jays 11  Baltimore Orioles 8: The day was all about Kendrys Morales, hitting 3 home runs and finishing with 7 RBIs.

Washington Nationals 3  Milwaukee Brewers 6: The Brewers reach 70 wins as they try to keep up with the Wild Card spots and the Cubs in their division. Zach Davies had a great 7-inning performance, backed up by Jonathan Villar hitting a 2-run homer, his 11th of the season.

St. Louis Cardinals 5  San Francisco Giants 2: Randal Grichuk hit a 2-run homer and Tommy Pham looked good as well with a couple of RBIs as the Cards moved above .500 once more.

American League Standings

American League EastWLPct.GBHomeRoad
Boston Red Sox76580.56740–2536–33
New York Yankees71620.53438–2633–36
Baltimore Orioles68660.507841–2727–39
Tampa Bay Rays67680.49634–3333–35
Toronto Blue Jays62720.4631435–3427–38
Cleveland Indians76560.57636–2940–27
Minnesota Twins70630.52634–3536–28
Kansas City Royals65670.4921136–3229–35
Detroit Tigers58740.4391831–3227–42
Chicago White Sox52800.3942430–3422–46
Houston Astros80530.60238–3142–22
Los Angeles Angels69650.51511½38–3131–34
Texas Rangers66670.4961435–2931–38
Seattle Mariners66680.49314½34–3232–36
Oakland Athletics58750.4362237–3121–44

National League Standings

National League EastWLPct.GBHomeRoad
Washington Nationals81520.60940–2741–25
Miami Marlins66670.4961535–3031–37
Atlanta Braves59730.44721½29–3630–37
New York Mets58750.4362328–3930–36
Philadelphia Phillies50820.37930½28–3622–46
Chicago Cubs73600.54938–2835–32
Milwaukee Brewers70640.52237–3133–33
St. Louis Cardinals67660.504637–3130–35
Pittsburgh Pirates63710.47010½35–3128–40
Cincinnati Reds57770.42516½33–3624–41
Los Angeles Dodgers91410.68952–1639–25
Arizona Diamondbacks76580.5671645–2331–35
Colorado Rockies72610.54119½39–2733–34
San Diego Padres59740.44432½35–3124–43
San Francisco Giants53830.3904031–3622–47

AL Wild Card Standings

(Top 2 qualify for 1-game playoff)

New York Yankees71620.534+1
Minnesota Twins70630.526
Los Angeles Angels69650.515
Baltimore Orioles68660.507
Texas Rangers66670.4964
Tampa Bay Rays67680.4964
Seattle Mariners66680.493
Kansas City Royals65670.492
Toronto Blue Jays62720.463
Detroit Tigers58740.43911½
Oakland Athletics58750.43612
Chicago White Sox52800.39417½

NL Wild Card Standings

(Top 2 qualify for 1-game playoff)

Arizona Diamondbacks76580.567+3½
Colorado Rockies72610.541
Milwaukee Brewers70640.522
St. Louis Cardinals67660.5045
Miami Marlins66670.4966
Pittsburgh Pirates63710.470
Atlanta Braves59730.44712½
San Diego Padres59740.44413
New York Mets58750.43614
Cincinnati Reds57770.42515½
San Francisco Giants53830.39020½
Philadelphia Phillies50830.37622
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