NBA – Day 6 Scores & Standings

Russell Westbrook

As the NBA champions Miami Heat went back to their winning ways by beating the struggling Washington Wizards, the best news of the night seemed to come from the Oklahoma City Thunder, beating the Phoenix Suns and getting their dynamic duo back together.

The Detroit Pistons keep dominating with their big three, sending the Boston Celtics to a third consecutive loss since the start of the season. The Brooklyn Nets felt quite old, getting run around by the Orlando Magic and losing by 21 points, while the Lakers keep changing lineups and getting their second win of the season after beating the Hawks.

Boston Celtics 77  Detroit Pistons 87: The big big three for the Detroit Pistons combined for 45 points and 29 rebounds, enough to beat a sad looking Celtics team still without a win this season, despite Detroit hitting only 15.4% of their three point attempts.

Washington Wizards 93  Miami Heat 103: Return to normal for the Miami Heat, as the big three combining to score 69 points, led by LeBron James with 25. The Heat shot 52.7% from the field, hit 11 three pointers and had 32 assists as the Wizards still look for their first win this season.

Brooklyn Nets 86  Orlando Magic 107: Rest is going to be an issue for the Nets this season, and speed as well. Brooklyn shot a horrendous 38.2% from the field, while the Magic got fantastic performances from rookie Victor Oladipo (19 points) and Nikola Vucevic, adding 12 rebounds to a similar scoring output.

Phoenix Suns 96  Oklahoma City Thunder 103: Life feels a lot better with Russell Westbrook playing next to Kevin Durant. The comeback player scored 21 points and added 7 assists to help Kevin Durant find his scoring touch again, leading the game with 33 points. Eric Bledose led the Suns once again scoring 26 points.

Minnesota Timberwolves 109  New York Knicks 100: After a 40-19 first quarter, there wasn’t any question about who is going to win the game. Kevin Love pulled off another double double with 34 points and 15 rebounds, getting a lot of help from Kevin Martin, adding 30 of his own. Carmelo Anthony, with 22 points and 17 rebounds, fought hard to bring the Knicks back to the game, but he was too alone in the fight.

Atlanta Hawks 103  Los Angeles Lakers 105: The Lakers keep changing lineups, this time putting Xavier Henry in it to good effect, scoring 18 points while Pau Gasol added 16 points with 13 rebounds. The Hawks managed to come back from 20-points down, as Kyle Korver led the team with 22 points, including 6-of-6 from beyond the arc.

1Indiana301.0002-01-01-02-093.783.7+10.0Won 33-0
2Philadelphia301.0002-01-00-03-0110.0105.3+4.7Won 33-0
3Detroit21.66712-00-10-02-0102.796.7+6.0Won 12-1
4Miami22.5001 ½2-00-21-02-2105.0100.8+4.3Won 12-2
5Toronto21.66711-01-11-02-195.093.0+2.0Won 12-1
6Atlanta12.3331 ½1-00-20-01-0104.7106.0-1.3Lost 11-2
7Orlando22.5001 ½2-00-20-01-1104.898.3+6.5Won 22-2
8Charlotte12.33321-00-20-01-085.795.0-9.3Lost 11-2
Chicago12.33321-00-20-01-293.798.3-4.7Lost 11-2
New York12.33321-10-10-01-190.391.3-1.0Lost 21-2
Cleveland12.33321-00-20-11-285.391.0-5.7Lost 21-2
Brooklyn12.33321-00-20-01-293.7101.7-8.0Lost 11-2
Milwaukee12.33320-11-10-01-292.795.0-2.3Lost 11-2
Boston03.00030-10-20-10-387.395.0-7.7Lost 30-3
Washington03.00030-10-20-10-399.0108.3-9.3Lost 30-3


1Minnesota301.0002-01-01-01-0109.798.7+11.0Won 33-0
2Houston301.0002-01-01-02-0104.393.7+10.7Won 33-0
3LA Clippers21.66711-01-12-12-1113.0110.7+2.3Won 22-1
4Oklahoma City21.66711-01-11-12-195.098.0-3.0Won 12-1
5Phoenix21.66712-00-10-02-195.792.7+3.0Lost 12-1
5Portland21.66711-01-11-02-1106.3102.3+4.0Won 22-1
7San Antonio21.66711-01-11-02-199.098.0+1.0Lost 12-1
8Golden State21.66712-00-12-12-1112.7102.3+10.3Won 12-1
Dallas21.66712-00-11-11-1111.3107.0+4.3Won 12-1
LA Lakers22.50022-10-11-11-2100.0105.5-5.5Won 12-2
Sacramento12.33321-10-10-21-292.798.7-6.0Lost 21-2
Memphis12.33321-00-20-20-2101.3106.7-5.3Lost 11-2
New Orleans12.33321-10-10-00-095.096.3-1.3Won 11-2
Denver02.0002 ½0-10-10-10-293.0101.5-8.5Lost 20-2
Utah03.00030-20-10-10-391.797.3-5.7Lost 30-3
Image: Source; Standings from ESPN