Race for the BCS – When Will the Undefeated Teams Lose

Alabama Crimson Tide

There are 10 teams remaining in College Football, as 8 of them are thinking about being among the top two in the BCS when this season is over. Alabama, Florida State and Oregon seem like the best bets for finishing in the top two when it’s all over, but even them have risky spots in the schedule that’s left for them to play which might take them off the path of a national title game.

Ohio State and the two non-AQ teams, Fresno State and Northern Illinois, have the best chance of finishing undefeated. However, if at least two of the three we mentioned above finish the season, including their conference championship game undefeated, the Buckeyes won’t get in to the national title game. As for the Bulldogs and Huskies, they’ll need the teams from the AQ conferences to be carrying two losses when the season is over.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Going 7-0 so far, the national champions still have to play Tennessee, LSU, Mississippi State, Chattanooga and Auburn.Their two road games are against the Bulldogs and their inner state rivals. The easy choice will be saying Alabama going undefeated to face whoever comes out of the mess that is the SEC East (Missouri right now). But taking a riskier road, it might seem that Auburn, out of all the teams left on the schedule, waiting for Alabama on November 30 for rivalry week, just might have the best chance of stopping the Crimson Tide, slightly due to their performance against Texas A&M as an indicator.

Florida State Seminoles

The 6-0 Seminoles just came off their biggest win of the season in what should be the toughest as well, blowing Clemson out of the water. Their game against North Carolina State this weekend if followed by playing Miami, Wake Forest on the road, Syracuse, Idaho and at Florida. Last season’s Gators were too much to handle, but it’s hard to believe the 3-loss group from the swamp can prove to be too difficult for the Jameis Winston show. However, Miami are a tricky team, and just might be the trickiest of what they have left except for an ACC championship game further on.

Oregon Ducks

Oregon have the toughest stretch of the season coming up, playing #12 UCLA and then at Stanford before playing Utah and Arizona as a lead up to their Civil War game against Oregon State. The Ducks have dominated their rivalry with Oregon State over the last five years, usually winning by more than two touchdowns. The tricky part will be Stanford, who beat Oregon last season, but have slightly declined from last season. They won’t lost in a potential Pac-12 title game, so Stanford have to be the best chance for stopping the Ducks.

Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State

Unfortunately, in a way, for Ohio State, is that they don’t have tough games left to play. They’re playing Penn State, at Purdue, at Illinois, Indiana and at Michigan. Out of all those teams, the visit to Penn State might be the toughest game they’ll have to play, including whoever gets to face them in the Big Ten championship game.

Missouri Tigers

One of the more surprising teams this season still have to play South Carolina, Tennessee, at Kentucky, at Ole Miss and Texas A&M to finish the season. They’ll lose either against the Gamecocks or when they visit Oxford to play the Rebels.

Miami Hurricanes

In the next couple of weeks, playing against Florida State and Virginia Tech, Miami’s undefeated aura will be over. They weren’t that good against Florida earlier this season, and when they’ll play Duke, Pittsburgh and Virginia, they’ll already be carrying two losses.

Baylor Bears

They are playing at home against both Oklahoma and Texas Tech, but the Sooners seems like the tougher of the matchups. The Red Raiders play the same style of football, only are less good at it. They’re end game of the season against Texas is another option for a loss, because it seems like the Longhorns are gradually getting better this season.

Texas Tech Red Raiders

They still have to play at Oklahoma, against Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Baylor and at Texas. Probably will be carrying their first loss of the season after one of the Oklahoma teams, most likely the Sooners.

Fresno State Bulldogs

Have already beaten teams like Rutgers and Boise State this season; their remaining schedule against San Diego State, San Jose State, Nevada, Wyoming and New Mexico won’t stop them from finishing the season undefeated, but even an entire lineup of one loss teams from the SEC and Pac-12 won’t finish below Fresno State, who’ll only end up playing for a BCS bowl game.

Northern Illinois Huskies

They haven’t won without problems this season, including at Iowa and against Eastern Illinois. Out of the remaining games, their visit to Toledo seems like the toughest one they’ll see. However, they should finish undefeated as well, making it quite tricky for voters.

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