Real Madrid Won’t Be Pursuing Gareth Bale Anymore

Gareth Bale

After about two months of the media doing most of the appraisals and talking regarding the pending transfer for Gareth Bale to Real Madrid, it seems that at the moment, that link is dead, and Tottenham can enjoy for one more season (at least) their Welsh star, hopefully continuing his gradual improvement towards that mythical labeling – best player in the world.

While Bale is not Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, after scoring 21 league goals this season and looking at times like physically too good for any opponent to match up with him, he might be heading the Ronaldo way. He isn’t as gifted of a goalscorer just yet, but at times he has looked that much unstoppable.

According to theSun and the Mirror (Which means take it with a pinch of salt), the Real Madrid brass has decided that all this talk of £80 million (or even more!!) has run its course, and they’re no planning on spending an entire summer negotiating through the press about a player who’ll set a new transfer record while possibly not even being the right kind of fit for their team at the moment.

Tottenahm kept insisting, through their front office and Andre Villas-Boas in several interviews, that Bale isn’t for sale. Tottenham are intent on becoming a big club, even if they do keep finishing short of making the Champions League, and don’t plan on selling their best players, unlike a rival of theirs from North London.

Real Madrid were willing, allegedly, to part ways with something not too far from that talked about sum, but eventually got turned down by Spurs too many times, understanding that for now, it’s time to move on.

This doesn’t mean we won’t hear about Cristiano Ronaldo wanting to leave, although he himself has made it slightly more clearer that he won’t be leaving Real Madrid this summer, and it doesn’t mean Real Madrid won’t be coming after Bale in the near future: Maybe in August, maybe in 12 months.

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