15 Sexiest Baseball “Fans”

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There’s no need to hide the truth. While some of the women in the photo gallery might be actual big fans of baseball, they’re here because they look good in baseball gear, or simply wearing close to nothing while relating to the subject with a bat and a ball.

But Baseball season is starting soon, so the connection between scantly dressed girls and the 2014 Major League Baseball season is obvious, to those trying to connect the dots.

There really isn’t too much to tell about any sort of information from these pics. Jerseys, cleavages, bats, baseball caps – that’s about it. The rest is all up to the girls in the photos, doing a very nice job.

And the little bit of sports connection: The season has actually started with two games between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks in Australia. The Dodgers won twice. However, the real opening day will be next Sunday (March 30) with the Dodgers playing in San Diego against the Padres.

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