Surfing with GoPro & Great White Shark

It’ll probably be impossible to ever repair the damage the movie ‘Jaws’ did to the reputation of the Great White Shark, and an interesting GoPro video from Jack La Padura and Brad Coder shows the two out at sea surfing without actually realizing the massive fish swimming a few feet below them, although he didn’t really seem to be interested.

From Coder’s description on Youtube: While Filming Brad Coder’s upcoming single “Stealing A Man’s Grill” at El Porto Beach on Tuesday 10/15/2013… Jack La Padura and Brad Coder discover that they are not the Star of this Shoot!!! El Porto Beach was pretty much Sea World that day and we had free tickets and front row.

The Great White wasn’t the only sea creature to be swimming with them. A dolphin appears midway through the video but they do seem to acknowledge it. The shark? Not so much, and it probably came as an interesting surprise when watching the video a little bit later on.

Four species of sharks account for the vast majority of fatal attacks on humans: the bull shark, the tiger shark, the oceanic whitetip shark, and the great white shark. Although their movie created reputation isn’t very close to the truth, and these aren’t killing machines only looking to eat humans, there’s some sort of truth to the danger they might present under certain circumstances and conditions.