Transfer Rumors 2013 – Arsenal Interested in Michu

If you thought Swansea might enjoy the presence of their surprise Spanish scorer for another season, big clubs around Europe have different plans, as Arsenal might be the first to try and get their hands on Michu.

Like most of the Premier League, the Gunners conceded a goal or two from Michu, who seemed to come out of nowhere last season after being purchased from Rayo Vallecano, exploding onto the scene in England with 22 goals in 43 matches, as Swansea finished the season with the Carling Cup trophy, and a whole lot of praise for their football and style.


While Arsenal, according to the Daily Mail, have set their eyes firstly on Stevan Jovetic and Wayne Rooney, both of these options aren’t moving anywhere at the moment, and in order to start really preparing for next season, quick decisions need to be made, with some of them, possibly, being giving up on the impossible or very hard and trying to sign those that are more likely to arrive.

Swansea, as expected, do not want to sell Michu, who cost them only £2.2 million last season, becoming the best signing of the campaign, probably in the whole of Europe in terms of bang-for-buck. While he was the most forward of players for Swansea, it was hard to say he was a real striker, playing much more like a second striker or attacking midfielder in the unique system Michael Laudrup used on his first year with the team.

Swansea have Michu locked up until 2016, which means there’s no rush to sell him. The 27-year old himself hasn’t made any comments about looking to play for a bigger club and for more money, but it’s hard to believe he’ll refuse that kind of offer if it comes, and Swansea, eventually, do have to think about balancing the checkbooks, which means selling an importnat player from time to time, like they did with Joe Allen last season.

If Michu is indeed to be sold, to Arsenal or anyone else, it’ll cost any team at least £12-13 million to get their hands on him, which most clubs won’t have a problem paying for someone who just had an explosive debut season in the Premier League.

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