Transfer Rumors 2013 – Arsenal Not Giving Up on Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez, Jose Enrique

It looks like Arsenal want a big-name striker, and they’re willing to spend a lot of money to get one. Or at least they have people believing they’re willing to do everything it takes to get Luis Suarez away from Liverpool.

While £30 million weren’t even close to enough, £40 million might do the trick. According to Liverpool and the Guardian, there is no release clause in Suarez’ contract. It’s only about him willing, or not, to eventually remain with the club.

For now, as the only bid made for him was the initial Arsenal offer, he hasn’t handed in a transfer request, feeling that he needs to see more serious signs from a team that wants him in order to make a move that officially severs his ties with Liverpool. His agent believes that the £40 million kind of offer will raise the pressure on Liverpool, who don’t want to sell their best player, but do not want a situation in which they pass up an amazing financial opportunity on a player who doesn’t want to remain with the club.

However, there are those who suggest that Liverpool value Suarez just as much as they Fernando Torres back in 2011, meaning that unless a £50 million bid comes their way, they won’t be letting the Uruguayan striker go. A look around the transfer market, with Edinson Cavani suddenly becoming the fourth most expensive signing in the history of the sport, tells them that Suarez (who they rate just as much as others do Cavani or Falcao) should be sold for just as much.

How does this end? Speculation only at this point, but another club making a bid for Suarez does change the battleground a bit. As of now, Real Madrid and Chelsea have only been mentioned as interested parties, but haven’t done much to change the status quo. Unless someone is willing to spend more money, and Jose Mourinho has spoken about feeling good about his squad, while Real Madrid have been busy with Spanish players so far, Suarez, reluctantly, will begin the season training for Liverpool.

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