Transfer Rumors 2012 – LA Galaxy Want Kaka

With David Beckham on his way out from his MLS adventure, the Los Angeles Galaxy are looking for another big name to fill in the designated player spot. Real Madrid’s midfielder Kaka, not exactly enjoying his time with the Spanish champions, might be just the man to fill in the shoes of the former English international.

Kaka is hardly playing, appearing only 5 times for Real Madrid in La Liga matches this season. The most expensive bench player in the world some might say. He was on the verge of leaving this summer to AC Milan, but money, both to him and to Real Madrid prevented a deal from happening.

There’s at least a bit more interest in Kaka recently from the Brazilian national side, appearing and starting in the side’s last three friendly matches. The 2014 World Cup is coming ,and he, like everyone else with the Selecao in their hearts, wants playing time with their clubs. He’s not going to get it at Real Madrid, not on a consistent basis.

But do the Galaxy have a chance of landing him? Very much so, according to Tim Leiweke, the president of AEG, which owns the Galaxy.

We’re well aware of Kaká’s interest in MLS, and we in turn have made it very clear to him that he’s aware of our interest in him. We have a great relationship with Real Madrid, and just as we worked through a player with them six years ago , I’m absolutely convinced we could find the right deal this time, too.

Still, there are a few problems that might stand in the way of Kaka and the Galaxy. Money is always an issue. Kaka still has two more years left on his Real Madrid contract, and while they won’t be looking for an astronomical transfer fee for the 30 year, especially if it means leaving outside of Europe, he won’t be coming for free.

Another issue is the global interest in Kaka: Other European clubs, Brazilian clubs with more buying power than ever before and even the far east or other financially driven deals. There’s also a chance of competition from within the MLS, with the New York Red Bulls also wanting a piece of the player. In that case, rules state that whoever files a “discovery claim” on the player is allowed to proceed in attempting to purchase him.

Kaka? He just wants to play, knowing that a place in any kind of lineup, maybe even the MLS, will ensure him a spot in the 2014 Brazilian squad. If he feels, or gets a hint from Scolari, that it’s better for him to stay with a European club or make his return to Brazil in order to ensure he’ll be playing in the World Cup, there won’t be any MLS matches for him anytime soonn.