Mathieu Valbuena – Marseille Hero

Didier Drogba’s was probably the most impressive of performers last night in Champions League action, but the most dramatic goal came from Marseille’s Mathieu Valbuena, beating Dortumnd 3-2 in Germany in dramatic fashion, making it into the knockout stage.

Financially, this goal’s importance is obvious, giving Marseille a €13 million bonus for Valbuena’s fantastic effort. The player, known for his brilliant strikes and often dramatic goals (as Liverpool fans remember very well), capped off a wild comeback as Dortmund led 2-0 early on in their ferocious attempt to win by four goals. While Arsenal fell in Greece (3-1 to Olympiacos), Marseille slowly took over the game as the German champions lost hope.

Olympiacos players were stunned at the end with the news of Valbuena’s winner arriving to Greece. Marseille’s season has taken a positive turn in recent week, especially since the 3-0 win over PSG. Although plenty of clubs, like Dortmund, suffer different effects of momentum when playing in Europe and in their domestic leagues, it seems Marseille’s season is finally coming together after a rough start.

Dortmund, who lost the top spot in the Bundesliga this weekend as Bayern Munich regained the top spot with a 4-1 win over Werder Bremen, won’t even play in the Europa League come spring. Something about Jurgen Klopp’s side doesn’t translate well when leaving the confines of the Bundesliga, even at home. Only 4 points in six matches for Dortmund isn’t just disappointing, it’s a complete failure.