World Cup 2014 – Where to Watch Matches Online

World Cup 2014

The 2014 World Cup is about to begin, and for those who prefer watching matches on their laptops, computers, tablets and cell phones, there are a lot more options with much higher quality than ever before. So even if you don’t have a TV next to you when you’re nation or favorite team is playing – there are other options for you to watch the matches on.

Sopcast – The best application for watching live sporting events, and the World Cup included. It requires you download the viewer from their website, and when you open the application you’ll simply have a list of channels from all around the world to view matches through. Or if you’re into some hot political debates from some French channel, you’re welcomed to do so. In any case, that’s one way to go about it.

The other, and one most people use, is simply finding a streaming website. There are plenty of those, but finding the reliable ones has always been the problem. Quality isn’t always easy to find (or non existent), the stream stops, crashes or gets pixelated, while tons of pop ups appear for you to click on, which for some hampers the viewing process.

That’s not true for all streams, but most of them. Hey – you want something for free, you need to see some ads in order to get it. I think that’s a fair exchange, although some websites certainly over do it in terms of the amount of [email protected]#$ you have to go through before finally seeing some football on your screen. One of the good things about Sopcast is that it’s not just for Windows, but you can also download it on Android.


The best website in our opinion is Wizwig, which doesn’t only broadcast sports, but that’s what you’re looking for, so we’ll stick to that. On the sports page you’ll receive the daily schedule of their linked broadcasts and streams, which contain a lot more than just football. But for us, when the World Cup is on, who cares about the rest? The rest is easy. Press the even you want to watch and then choose from a long list of links. Some of them link to Sopcast itself.

There are other great sites for watching, but Wizwig. VIPBox has always been one of our favorites, and although it doesn’t offer the amount of links Wizwig does, you’ll find what you’re looking for in more than one language to choose from. FirstRow is another reliable option for you to use, but links to matches except the main ones (which sometimes crash more often than the lower ranked ones) usually go up only minutes before the match begins.

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