Top Ten Dunks of the 2010-2011 NBA Season

Playoffs are almost here, awards are going to be handed out, and we’re beginning our rounds with the top 10 dunks of the season with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, J.R. Smith and of course Blake Griffin joined by others.

Number 10 – Nene on Ben Gordon and the Pistons

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Not usually the sweetest of gliders, Nene’s fake and impressive finish here while wrecking Ben Gordon on the way just couldn’t be ignored.

Number 9 – Rodney Stuckey on Chris Bosh

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It’s always nice to see the little guy triumph and posterize the big mean (although I’m not sure mean and Chris Bosh go hand in hand) and strong.

Number 8 – LeBron James Against the Suns

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LeBron James dunks are usually impressive due to the power and speed, but he does it usually without facing anyone on the way to the basket. This time, he cuts through the entire Suns defense, not a great opposing force.

Number 7 – Josh Smith on Joel Anthony and the Miami Heat

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Josh Smith, one of’s favorites, with a fantastic dunk from a fantastic Mike Bibby pass, finishing with power despite getting hit on the head by Anthony.

Number 6 – Eric Gordon Against the Jazz

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I love the video from one of the fans, catching the dunk from pretty up close and not from any nosebleed seats. Gordon slashing through the Jazz defense in crunch time is also pretty neat.

Number 5 – James Harden Destroying the Cavs and Hickson

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The bearded man goes coast to coast against the worst team in the league, finishing with a vicious dunk in the face of J.J. Hickson.

Number 4 – Amir Johnson Follow-Up vs Knicks

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Amir Johnson of the Toronto Raptors with a huge follow up dunk between the sleeping Knicks players.

Number 3 – Dwyane Wade on the Thunder

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One of Wade’s greatest career dunks – Spinning on Serge Ibaka and destroying Kendrick Perkins who thought he’d gotten rid of Wade dunks by migrating west. Wade was third last year on our list as well with his Varejao demolishing.

Number 2 – J.R. Smith on Gary Neal

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J.R. Smith is the most exciting dunker in the league in my opinion and he almost made the top spot for the second time in a row with his hang time display, coming crashing down on poor Gary Neal.

Number 1 – Blake Griffin Destroying Mozgov

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The dunking sensation of the year kind of slowed down after the All-Star break. Maybe we were just getting used to his super high alley oops and double doubles. Still, Griffin had quite the dunkfest going against the Knicks back in November, and his best was his HUGE jam over Timofey Mozgov, now with the Nuggets.

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