4 Best Memes of the Houston Astros Pathetic Cheating Scandal Apology

4 Best Memes of the Houston Astros Pathetic Cheating Scandal Apology

Astros Do Not Feel Regret

When you apologize for something you don’t feel sorry for, it often comes out feeling half-assed to everyone involved. That’s what the Houston Astros press conference regarding the sign-stealing scandal an subsequent punishment felt like.

Owner Jim Crane, in a statement filled with contradictions, summed it up perfectly: In our opinion it (IT!!!!) didn’t impact the game, we had a good team, we won the World Series and we’ll leave it at that. Just W-O-W.

Fans have been hoping that MLB commish Rob Manfred lays down further punishment, but it’s clear that the league is trying its hardest to sweep this thing under the rug. One thing worth remembering: Manfred isn’t working for the good of baseball or the better interests of fans. He, in the end, is the face and voice of MLB’s owners. And what they feel is best is very different than what actually is best for the game.

The bottom line to all of this is simple: it’s worth it to cheat in baseball, at least in the way the Astros have. Weighing the punishment in comparison to the historic World Series win and overall success of the franchise in the last few years, it was completely worth it.

Astros Cheater
Jim Crane is a Clown

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Hating the Astros

One of the things to keep watch of as the 2020 season rolls in is whether or not teams will look to retaliate against the Astros on the field – as in pitches getting thrown at bodies and heads of Houston’s hitters. Expect plenty of brawls in Astros games this year.

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