Tag: series sweep

  • Cavs Complete Sweep, win 84-74 in Atlanta

    The Cleveland Cavaliers finished off the Atlanta Hawks 84-74 with Lebron James producing a rather normal (for him) 27-8-8 stat line and completed their second sweep in the playoffs. The Cavs are now headed to the Eastern Conference Finals, the Hawks can start their summer vacations.

  • Carmelo Anthony hits Winning 3, Nuggets beat Mavs 106-105

    Carmelo Anthony hit a winning 3 pointer to give the Denver Nuggets a 106-105 victory in Dallas over the Mavericks after the refs decided not to call an intentional foul by Anthony Wright on ‘Melo, allowing him to bury the winning three. Denver now lead 3-0.

  • Lebron James and the Cavs rout Hawks Again, Win 97-82

    Lebron James scored 47 points in the 97-82 Cleveland Cavaliers victory over the Atlanta Hawks, making it 3-0 in the series. Although Atlanta looked competitive for about two and a half quarters in this game, Lebron and the Cavs defense finished the off in the late third and fourth quarter.

  • Not Really Fair. Cleveland Go 2-0 Against the Hawks After 105-85 Win

    Cleveland seem to be having an easier time in the Semis than in the first and are half way through another up and coming series sweep. The Atlanta Hawks again were no match to well… anyone on the Cavs and lost Joe Johnson to an ankle injury. Lebron scored 27 in the 105 85 win.