Best ‘Floyd Mayweather Can’t Read’ Meme Ever Made

The hype event to promote the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather fight was bound to bring up a horde of memes making fun of the event, and it managed to generate the best of the ‘Mayweather can’t read’ memes, at least as of the time these words are being written.

So what is it this time? A video capture of Mayweather staring at his coffee cup from Starbucks. For a second there, from the right angle, it looks like he’s having a problem reading the label or something. That’s gold for a sharp mind and the intention of making fun of Mayweahter, which always goes down smoothly because he’s such an easy person to feel negatively about.

Steadily, we’re getting closer to the biggest fight in terms of revenue the sport has ever seen. It means a lot more mainstream media paying attention to the sport than ever before, or at least since the Mike Tyson days.

Mayweather and Pacquiao will fight on May 2 in Las Vegas. It’s about title belts, championship and pound-4-pound rankings. More importantly, it’s about the money each of them is going to take home, and also a little something of settling a long debate we all thought will remain hypothetical for all time.

Mayweather Starbucks

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