Spain and The Netherlands Switch Spots in FIFA Rankings

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Back to number one for the Spanish national team after spending one month at number two, their only slip from the top spot since July 2010. The Dutch, who were ranked at number one for the first time in the Rankings’ history, slipped back to number two despite winning their two matches in the last 30 days. The FIFA rankings are far from perfect, and I would much rather have a rankings system like Rugby Union has. For now, world football relies on this system, for all its flaws.

Top 11 (Over 1000 Points)

1. Spain, moved up one spot, beat Chile 3-2 in a friendly and Liechtenstein 6-0 in the Euro qualifiers.

2. The Netherlands, dropped on spot, beat San Marino 11-0 and Finland 2-0 in the Euro qualifiers.

3. Germany, stayed put, Beating Austria 6-2 in the Euro qualifiers and drawing 2-2 with Poland in a friendly match.

4. Uruguay, moved up a spot, beat the Ukraine 3-2 in a friendly match.

5. Portugal, moved up 3 spots, beat Cyprus 3-0 in a Euro qualifier.

6. Italy, moved up a spot, two 1-0 wins over Slovenia and the Faroe Islands in the Euro qualifiers.

7. Brazil, dropped a spot, beat Ghana 1-0 and drew 0-0 with Argentina, both friendlies.

8. England, dropped 4 spots, beat Bulgaria 3-0 and Wales 1-0 in the Euro qualifiers.

9. Croatia, moved up a spot, beat both Malta and Israel 3-1 in the Euro qualifiers.

10. Argentina, dropped a spot, beat Nigeria 3-1, beat Venezuela 1-0 and drew 0-0 with Brazil, all friendly matches.

11. Greece, moved up 3 spots, beat Israel 1-0 and drew 1-1 with Latvia in the Euro qualifiers.

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Big Movers in top 50 – Switzerland moved up 12 spots to 18th, Bosnia moved up 17 spots to 22nd, Hungary moved up 18 spots to 27th and Armenia made the biggest jump, leaping 27 spots to 44th after wins over Andorra and Slovakia.

On the dropping side England dropped four spots to number 8 despite their two wins, Norway fell 11 spots to 23rd, Slovenia fell ten spots to 33rd and Slovakia fell 13 spots to 39th.

The Worst in the World – Five nations have 0 points – American Samoa, Andorra, Montserrat, Samoa and the goal inflation machine of European football, San Marino.

Probably the worst team in the world