Tim Tebow Making Headlines in the Wrong Places

There are things more important than sport, but while you’re an athlete, you probably should be considered doing what you’re best at. When Tim Tebow was a college football player for the Florida Gators, he became famous for his on-field performance, among other things. In the NFL? Not so much.

The recent reasons why Tebow is in the news? His GQ photo-shoot and the chance of him making it into politics. Oh, and whether he wants or doesn’t want a girlfriend, being the most eligble devoted Christian on planet earth, or just the United States, it doesn’t matter. The whole religious affilation was part of what made him such a national sensation, with fans and hater all across the country, but playing for a big program, winning the Heisman, winning two national titles, were right reasons for getting the attention.

Tebow is a lighting rod wherever he turns to. The way he took over the Denver Broncos for half a season in 2011, despite not playing anything like a conventional quarterback, things worked, taking the Broncos into the postseason after he took over for Kyle Orton. His passing numbers? Atrocious, but he made plays happen with his legs and strong upper body, especially in the fourth quarters. It even worked against the Pittsburgh Steelers, when Tebow-mania was at its peak. Then came the loss to the Patriots, and John Elway went out and signed Peyton Manning.

Tebow moved on to the New York Jets, making them the hot item for the sports media and especially ESPN during the summer. Watching Mark Sanchez and Tebow together – the reactions and the bad plays became a sort of pastime for many, who felt the Jets made a bad decision by creating a quarterback mess by bringing in Tebow, who can never succeed in a conventional offense.

So far, he’s on the bench. Waiting for his chance when some sort of wildcat play appears, or for Mark Sanchez to go down. Maybe even see Mark Sanchez fail at his job, and the calls for Tebow from the stands will start coming, like they did in Denver. For now, Tebow is the news not for playing football, but for being an excellent model for any photographer and popular magazine, and for his political and religious take on life.

For those who want their quarterback, or their replacement quarterback, to be actually famous for what he does on the field, they’re going to have to wait. All the huff and puff about Tebow these days has nothing to do with sports, which should be his main focus, especially when a few more years on the bench or simply playing terribly might lead him out of this league, like so many predict his near future to be.

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