Transfer Rumors 2013 – Real Madrid Offering Everything for Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale shot

It’s not quite clear what it’s going to take convincing Tottenham to sell Gareth Bale; maybe nothing will. But Real Madrid won’t be blamed for not trying. If money isn’t enough, then next come the exchange plus cash offers, with one potential deal being Gonzalo Higuain, Fabio Coentrao and cash for the Welshman, while another suggests it’ll be Angel di Maria and cash for Bale.

It all depends on the paper you read and believe. The Times are suggesting the Higuain and Coentrao offer. Gonzalo Higuain is still not an Arsenal player, although the fact that Juventus have completed the signing of Carlos Tevez means there’s a very good chance they’re done chasing Real’s Argentine striker.

As for Coentrao, while displaying satisfactory ability at the Santiago Bernabeu most of the time, he’s deemed too much of a Mourinho man for the taste of some, and with Chelsea looking quite interested in reuniting manager and player, there’s a very good chance he’ll find himself on his way out of the club.

Angel di Maria is an interesting case. Since arriving at Real Madrid, he’s shown he is one of the best wingers in the world, but an injury and a significant drop in his ability and possibly effort on the pitch during the second half of last season has changed his situation in Real Madrid quite a bit, with Manchester City and PSG linked to a move for the player.

However, as long as Tottenham remain reluctant, all the offers in the world won’t matter. It’s come out of the club from both the manager and from higher up that Bale isn’t for sale, no matter the price. Real Madrid haven’t offered anything, especially not the £85 million everyone keeps talking about, but there’s no doubt they’re seriously interested.

At the moment, nothing is coming out of the Bale side of the story, which leads everyone to believe that regardless of all the offers showering down on Spurs at the moment, this is one of the mega deals that simply won’t happen this summer.

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